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Private higher education in MENA: Lessons and considerations for Operators and Investors

Major opportunities exist for operators and investors interested in expanding Higher Education institutions in the Middle East. Having the right information, data and analysis is vital to successful...

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Nafez Dakkak’s views on how to keep the pace with and provide for tomorrow’s leaders

How do you think that 21st century learners’ requirements are changing today? I will answer this question based on the majority of our students, who are adult learners. One concept that has changed...

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In conversation with Faisal Jiwa

What are your goals for investing into education? Social, impact, financial return? Our investors include DFIs, fund of funds, family offices, sovereign wealth funds and private investors. Although we are...

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10 things everyone should know about great school leaders

Teaching is one of the few professions where, as you progress and climb the educational ladder, the job you are doing begins to become almost unrecognisable. The daily routine of the full time class...

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In conversation with Eric Pignot

What are your goals for investing into education? Social, impact, financial return? We are a social private company, committed to offering the best education for the middle class. For us, quality and...

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How to increase the employability of the region’s millennials

What prompted you to set up Fullbridge? My husband Peter and I realized there was a step missing in the transition between higher education and the professional world after realizing that the excellent...

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