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UAE education sector needs to be caught up in smart revolution

Since the Smart Dubai agenda was launched in 2014, the city has seen many initiatives and technologies implemented with a view to improve everyday lives. Dubai is indeed making progress towards becoming a pioneering smart city. This year, the city has a major focus on the education sector.

Currently, only 52 per cent of UAE schools have fully integrated technology in classrooms such as the use of digital chalkboards, tablets, and cloud services. The Ministry of Education has developed the Education 2020 Strategy, which promotes the use of tech in schools with a view towards future employability. The UAE Government has also allocated 17.1 per cent of its 2018 federal budget towards education and higher education.

The need for transforming the education system was also highlighted by Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, at the 2018 World Government Summit, where he observed that the country needs a new system of education that looks to the future, focusing on competitiveness and economic requirements.

Changing the education system really means addressing the challenges for students, teachers as well as the administration. These three stakeholders have unique requirements and expectations from the educational organisation during their lifetime journey, in terms of what they experience, how they are equipped to perform better, and how all of this contributes to the overall competitive differentiation of the organisation itself.

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