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Private higher education in MENA: Lessons and considerations for Operators and Investors

This webinar discusses:

  • How regions are growing and what types of universities different geographies in MENA need
  • How growth varies by location, course offerings, and between expats and local students.
  • Drivers of growth in the region are and how they are expected to change in the coming years
  • How regulations and events like Expo 2020 have the potential to effect changes in growth in higher education and how to benefit from these changes.
  • Student preference and the qualities that are most preferred in an institution and opportunities for increasing international student enrolments.
  • How operators and investors can best apply these lessons to improve their institutions or to decide how and where to invest.

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Presented By
Amit Garga, Partner, International Education Practice, The Parthenon Group
As a Partner with Parthenon’s Education Practice, Mr. Garga has worked closely with the leadership of various companies on market-opportunity assessment and sizing, growth forecasting, pricing strategy, competitor analysis and market share evaluation. Mr. Garga has led teams on the evaluation of potential acquisition targets for education companies as well as investors. He has advised a number of large private equity companies on investments in the education sector across segments. Case examples include investment prioritization, and due diligence and integration. Mr. Garga holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore

Danish Faruqui, Senior Principal, International Education Practice, The Parthenon Group
Mr. Faruqui is a Senior Principal with The Parthenon Group’s Education Practice. He has led cases across geographies on topics such as market potential, growth and market-entry strategy, investment decisions and revenue- and profit-uplift strategies. His experience spans the globe, with a special focus in the MENA region, having covered education segments across UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Qatar. Mr. Faruqui a Chartered Accountant and holds an MBA from the Indian School of Business

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