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Is the GCC’s private K-12 education sector booming?

The private education sector has been seeing a rise in recent years, a new report by LEK Consulting, a global management consulting firm, revealed.

The report, titled “The Private K-12 Opportunity in the Middle East,” explains that in the past three years alone, the private K-12 education sector in the region has grown three times faster on average than GDP.

There are 3 major reasons that make the region’s K-12 highly attractive:

1. Continued support by the government for a boost in education ahead of reformatory plans such as Saudi’s Vision 2030
2. The population’s ability and willingness to pay for international education;
3. Thriving local and expat populations increasing the demand for education.

According to the report, the UAE has led the region’s private education sector growth, representing an attractive market opportunity.

“The availability of options in the UAE enables parents to move across price segments as household income changes,” the report states. “This broad coverage has given rise to strong, high-quality mid-priced and premium K-12 markets, contributing to the UAE’s higher overall tuition revenue.”

LEK’s findings show that Dubai and Abu Dhabi account for 60% of the private K-12 market and continue to grow faster than their regional peers.

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