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Dubai private schools must diversify or make prices more competitive, experts say

The average private school pupil in Dubai does their homework, reads for pleasure and has breakfast most days a week before going to their UK curriculum school that costs less that Dh20,000 a year.

That is according to the 2017-2018 Dubai Private Education Landscape Report conducted by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority and released on Sunday.

The study assesses the health and happiness of the pupils from more than 180 nationalities that attend the emirate’s private schools.

The results show that Dubai’s private education sector has steadily grown for another consecutive year to include 194 schools, up from 173 in 2016. The new schools cater to the increased number of pupils with enrolment up almost 10,000 from 273,599 last year.

Annual tuition fee revenue has also increased to Dh7.5 billion, from Dh6.8bn last year. The average cost of private school tuition was calculated at Dh26,865 per year though almost half (47 per cent) of pupils pay more than Dh20,000 annually in fees. Less pupils (42.5 per cent) paid more than Dh20,000 per year in fees last year, likely indicating that tuition has become more expensive.

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