How The Empowered Education Leader Approaches Digital Learning
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How The Empowered Education Leader Approaches Digital Learning

Our schools should aim to create more education leaders who feel empowered to utilize the tools that are made available to them. With edtech in almost every classroom, we need a few educators who are willing to boldly approach these tools for the benefit of our students. The research clearly shows that students benefit from having more technology in their classroom. Most of us can see the clear benefit of incorporating technology into the curriculum, but how do we develop more empowered education leaders who will want to use it?

We can start by evaluating how these leaders approach digital learning in the first place. This may be able to help schools to identify potential leaders and promote the same qualities in other teachers.

Empowered education leaders let students take the lead.

The current generation of students practically grew up with a phone in one hand and a laptop in the other. They are extremely tech savvy, and most students knowing how to navigate their devices far better than their teachers. Some schools are giving students a helpful way to put those skills to good use with a student-run genius bar. In exchange for some light IT work under teacher supervision, students get credit for a technology-based class. It takes a real leader to set aside their own agenda and allow students the freedom to attempt new things or guide them through the process.

Leaders help direct students toward personalized learning.

With all of the new advances in technology, students receive the opportunity to have a completely personalized approach to learning. An empowered education leader can seek out ways to keep engaging students in these customized ways. They may give students access to a new program or adjust the expectations of a current platform. Either way, the empowered leader gives students the digital tools they need for success instead of forcing them into a one-size-fits-all category.

Educators can impact students from anywhere.

If your teachers are feeling particularly adventurous, they can actually engage with students from anywhere. Many educators are learning how to use mobile learning platforms and social media to connect with their class outside of school hours. This helps the learning to stretch beyond the original confines of the classroom and brings your lessons into the real world. An empowered education leader seeks to make a major impact on his or her students in any way possible.

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