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Schools In: Why education is attracting more attention from real estate stakeholders in MENA


  • Demand for private schools in the MENA region is increasing. This trend is being driven by the growth in the number of expatriate children of school age and the increased number of national families seeking private education for their children.
  • The increased demand for private education presents opportunities for real estate stakeholders (investors, developers and builders) that are seeking to increase their exposure to alternative sectors as more traditional asset classes become more competitive.
  • In addition to potentially attractive financial returns, the growth of private schools is in line with government policy to raise education standards across the region. This provides comfort to real estate stakeholders and an additional social benefit, over and above the financial gains.
  • Our analysis shows that more than 1,100 additional schools will be required in the five cities studied (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Riyadh and Cairo) by 2020. Some 350 of these will need to be private sector schools, providing a significant area of new opportunity for real estate stakeholders.

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