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UAE-China: Outlooks to expand education partnership

The UAE and China have exceptional relations in many vital areas, including education, and the Ministry of Education aims to expand the country’s cooperation and knowledge exchange with China.

An initiative to teach the Chinese language in Emirati schools was received with satisfaction and appreciation by students and parents, who consider it a practical step in enabling students to master the Chinese language, as China has become a leading exporter of knowledge and technology and a global cultural and scientific destination.

The ministry stressed that the initiative is a first step that will be followed by further actions during the coming academic years while noting that it is planning to teach the Chinese language in 100 schools, through student clubs, to 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th-grade students.

The UAE leadership believes that education is the cornerstone of sustainable development and the key to maintaining the country’s international stature, as it is a vital tool for shaping the minds of students, based on the best international academic practices. Under this framework, the ministry has introduced several foreign languages in schools, to teach students the basics of these languages, which include the Chinese language. During the initiative’s first phase last year, the ministry gave students the chance to learn the Chinese language as an option for 10th grade in 10 secondary schools, and 22 teachers and specialists were appointed to teach the language.

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