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Pre K to K-12

Understanding the GCC Education Sector

This report created by PwC is a series of infographics providing a country by country overview of the education sector in the GCC.

The UAE is one of the more mature markets in the region and remains a draw for investors, providers and students. Its scale and ambition remain undimmed, but what is the reality on the ground and what do the trends over time tell us about the education sector by segment? Finally what are the key differences between its two main markets – Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Take a look at this in-depth report on different sectors within the Education Industry:



You will be able to learn more about:

  • The structure of UAE’s Education System
  • Rising income levels
  • The quality of Education
  • The UAE’s demanding inspirational goals
  • Private vs. International companies
  • K-12 growth
  • and more..