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Pre K to K-12

Importance of Outdoor Spaces for Child-Directed Learning Activities

OutdoorSpaces - 21.09.2015Based on the current developments of the learning spaces in the region, it is evident that many educators underestimate the importance of designating outdoor spaces for children. In schools where such areas are provided, over-protective habits and sterilisation standards prevail, which is not the best for the children.

Outdoor spaces also provide more room for play and other child-directed learning activities. While many operators over emphasise the need for academic and structured learning, cutting down on recess, less time is being designated for free-flowing learning methods. The need for such spaces that allow children to relax, play freely, and learn from their play has been neglected. For older students, recent studies have revealed that it is critical to have enhanced non-classroom spaces that encourage communication, facilitating planned and spontaneous productive gatherings, increasing faculty-students interactions.
In cases where the climate does not allow for time outdoors, it would be essential to integrate characteristics of natural environments such as a mix of shapes, patterns, colours, and hard and soft surfaces in indoor areas.