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UN Human Development report: UAE schools should encourage ‘creation and innovation’ over curriculums

Schools and teachers in the UAE are being encouraged not to stick to curriculums and to create a flexible environment where pupils can innovate, according to the latest UAE Human Development Report.

The human development report found that it is important to integrate content of international tests in reading, mathematics and science.

“Compliance with the criteria in teaching, learning, and evaluation will create a restrictive environment for teachers and students,” according to the report, which recommends that educators support “creation and innovation and encouraging it in teaching in all subjects and at all levels”.

The report recommends the “provision of guidance programmes for pupils and parents in the required disciplines”, and asks for the provision of scholarships to outstanding students in the disciplines that are of most significance to the UAE.

Educators are being asked to train pupils in scientific research with a special focus on printing, 3D design, robots, data science and the internet of things. The report also recommends helping researchers through providing material or assistance they may need.

Read the full article on www.thenational.ae.

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